EAMCET Medical Model Questions with Answers

Following are model questions from the topic Cell Biology and Internal Organisation of Plants for EAMCET Medical and NEET – UG Examinations. The model questions are from Botany.

1. Arrange the following which are not applicable but related to virus, Dujardin, Robert Brown and Virchow respectively.
A) Nucleoid B) Structural Unit of Organisms C) Cell Theory D) Active Centre for various biological processes.

2. Many cells function properly and divide mitotically meiotically even though they do not have the following
A) Cytoskeleton B) Mitochondria C) Plasma membrane D) Plastids

3. Arrange the following in ascending order basing on their measurements (width)
A) Solenoid B) DNA C) Chromatid D) Nucleosome

4. Chromosomes of Eukaryotic Organisms showing sexual reproduction obtain maximum stability in the following of mitosis.
1) Prophase 2) Metaphase 3) Anaphase 4) Telophase

5. Phospho diester bond in the poly nucleotide chain of DNA or RNA of Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic Organisms is present between
1) Carbon of the Pentose sugar and Oxygen atom of Phosphate
2) Oxygen of Pentose sugar and Phosphorous of Phosphate
3) Carbon of the Pentose sugar and Nitrogen of Purine
4) Oxygen molecule of Phosphate and carbon of Pentose sugar

6. Central dogma of Molecular Biology, Proposed by F.H.C. Crick states that the flow of Genetic Information is as follows.
1) DNA ® Protein 2) DNA ® m-RNA 3) DNA ® m-RNA ® Protein 4) mRNA ® Protein

7. Assertion (A): DNA is also called chemical basis of heredity.
Reason (R): Hershy and Chase showed that DNA is the sole carrier of genetic information from parent to offspring.
1) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) explains (A)
2) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) do not explains (A).
3) (A) is correct. (R) is false.
4) (A) is false. (R) is correct.

8. Assertion (A): Chromosomes do not bend in the region of secondary contriction during anaphase.
Reason(R): Spindle fibres bind with secondary constriction and do not allow it to bend.

9. Match the following:
List I – List II
A. Growth division I. Synapsis
B. Nucleolus is II. Crossing over larger stage
C. Long-lasting stage III. Walter Flemming
D. Zipper like fashion IV. Zygonema
1) A D C B 2) B C D A 3) C B A D 4) D C A B

10. Select a wrong statement from the following.
1) The repeating units of organic polymers of nucleic acids are called nucleotides.
2) Maximum number of nucleotides in short-living RNA may be more than 2000.
3) Chloroplast consists DNA and RNA.
4) Terminalisation starts in Diplonema

11. One of the following is not a soft fibre
1) Musa 2) Ramie 3) Linum 4) Hemp

12. Select a mis-match from the following pairs.
1) Sieve plate – Biconvex
2) Companion cells – Rectangular
3) Phloem fibres – Spindle shaped
4) Xylem parenchyma – Round or Oval Cells

13. Match the following
List I – List II
A. Cellwall with water I. Rolling and unrolling of the leaf
B. Cells storing water II. Protoxylem
C. Tissue secretes III. Living mechanical water tissue
D. Lysigenous cavity IV. Guttation storing water

KEY: 1)2 2)4 3)2 4)2 5)1 6)3 7)1 8)3 9)4 10)4 11)1 12)4 13) 2


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